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Interweave Presents: Classic Crochet Shawls!

Hi Shawl Lovers,

Happy news came my way back in February and it’s time to share it! Three of my crocheted shawl designs from Poetic Crochet have been included in a new book from Interweave. Classic Crochet Shawls: 20 Free-Spirited Designs Featuring Lace, Color, and More is available for pre-order and will be out on June 21, 2017.

My inclusions are Endymion, which I am so proud to say received the cover shot for the book, along with Dover, which has been a favorite of many lovely crocheters who have reached out to me since the book was published, and Jessamine.

Here is the romantic cover with an image I had never even seen from Poetic Crochet! What a treat that was for a designer.


And a few images of my projects that were included:

Poetic Crochet - Dover beauty image


Poetic Crochet - Jessamine beauty image


Poetic Crochet - Endymion beauty image

I can’t wait to get my contributor’s copy in the mail. This collection features some gorgeous work by my favorite designers.  For the love of crocheted shawls!

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2 thoughts on “Interweave Presents: Classic Crochet Shawls!

  1. Congratulations! It must feel good to be able to have your shawls published again. Speaking of poetic crochet I never did receive my copy. Did​ you ever have a copy returned to you? I can send you​ another address to send it to me if you’d like to try again thank you Karleen Page

    1. Hi Karleen, thank you! The book has not come back to me. I’m sorry that it didn’t make it to you, but I’m not able to send another copy.

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