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Poetic Crochet: Errata & Pattern Corrections

Hello Crocheters!

My goal is always to provide you with beautiful designs and an enjoyable pattern experience! Crochet is as much about the process as the finished product, so I do my utmost to ensure a happy stitching experience for you, my customer.

Today I am very pleased to announce that full errata files and pattern corrections for all discovered errors in Poetic Crochet are now available.

Since its publication in 2015, I’ve heard from some of you as you bumped into crochet moments that didn’t make sense and at times, caused frustration.  I’m so grateful to those of you who alerted me to the difficulties you were having as you worked through the shawls, and I am very proud to have discovered the roots of those problems, and offer the solutions here, on Ravelry, and [after it is processed and posted] on Interweave’s web site.

You have two options: download the whole kit and caboodle as one PDF or download whichever PDF pertains to the shawl you may be working on…

Download the Errata file in FULL here:  Poetic Crochet Full Errata and Pattern Corrections

or click on the links below the shawl photo to download an individual file for the shawl project you are working on if that’s more convenient for you:


Traveler Shawl from Poetic Crochet by Sara Kay Hartmann

Traveler Errata

Poetic Crochet - Dover beauty image
Dover Shawl from Poetic Crochet by Sara Kay Hartmann

Dover Errata

Poetic Crochet - Endymion beauty image
Endymion Shawl from Poetic Crochet by Sara Kay Hartmann

Endymion Errata


Poetic Crochet - Hope End beauty image
Hope End Shawl from Poetic Crochet by Sara Kay Hartmann

Hope End Errata


Poetic Crochet - Innisfree beauty image
Innisfree Shawl from Poetic Crochet by Sara Kay Hartmann

Innisfree Errata


Poetic Crochet - Orisons beauty image
Orisons Shawl from Poetic Crochet by Sara Kay Hartmann

Orisons Errata


Starry Skies Shawl from Poetic Crochet by Sara Kay Hartmann

Starry Skies Errata


I love crochet and designing for you, and I’m so thankful to be able to share my patterns with you! Please write me using the contact form here if you have questions or comments as you work with the errata files. Thank you for visiting me today!

Yours in Stitches,


12 thoughts on “Poetic Crochet: Errata & Pattern Corrections

  1. Thank you so much for posting the errata for the shawls in this book. I am currently working on the Orisons shawl in a beautiful silk/alpaca blend as a wedding gift (to be worn by the bride in a few weeks) and when I got to the border today, my heart sank when I realized that the instructions in the printed book were incorrect. My plan is to add Swarovski crystals along the border where the picots are. Luckily, through the powers of the internet, I will be able to finish this in time to give it to my long-time sister-of-the-heart.

    I am truly in love with nearly every single shawl in this book and am looking forward to making many of them – maybe even one for myself. Thank you for creating such beautiful shawls and patterns for the rest of us to follow.

    1. Thank you, Cheryl! This is so wonderful to hear and means so much to me. I’m so happy the errata was able to help and that this incredibly special project did not have to be slowed down for errors. Thank you for the kind words about the book. I love designing patterns and I love all of your crocheters!

      1. Good Morning, Sara.

        I do have one other question about this particular pattern and chart – Orisons. (I’m learning to read charts and your pattern – the combination of written and charted – has been the most helpful I have encountered.)

        On Row 2 of the border, the written pattern states:

        Ch 6, tr in first ch-2sp, *tr in each of next 6 st, sk next 2 st, tr in each of next sts, (tr, ch2, tr) in next st*….

        My question is in regard to the (tr, ch2, tr) in next st – Even from the written instructions, I am unclear as to if this is placed in the actual next chain from the previous row or in the ch2 space from the previous row? Looking at the chart, it is difficult to differentiate this instruction from the instruction that shows to work a V-st (same combination of stitches) into the ch2 space of the previous row.

        Thank you in advance for your assistance. I am so close to the finish line on this project and can’t wait to finish and block it.


        Cheryl – The Yarn Faerie

        Sent from Mail for Windows 10

      2. Hi Cheryl,

        Great question! That (tr, ch 2, tr) is indeed worked into the 2-ch sp just as the V-sts are worked “into V-sts” later in the row. Same action, just expressed slightly differently. Thanks for reaching out again! 🙂


      3. Sara – Awesome! (giggling because I am learning and realize that I actually do understand what I am “reading” in the charts). And thank you for your quick reply! Have a fantastic day.

        Cheryl – The Yarn Faerie

        (P.S. – I realize you must be uber busy – might I suggest you do a blog post or YouTube video on how to read symbol charts? I know that there are a ton of them out there – I’ve been trying to learn from them [& books] for years, but until I encountered your charts with this pattern, I really didn’t understand them at all. Even while trying to learn from other people, it all seemed like an alien language to me. Now I “get it”. 😊 ) Sent from Mail for Windows 10

      4. Cheryl, I am thrilled to hear you are learning and had confirmation that you are “getting” it. I am an extremely visual person, so when I discovered crochet charts, my whole world opened up, and I feel able to “see” a pattern and where it is going so much more easily. Nothing makes me happier than when someone else starts to see the value of charts as well! So cool. I appreciate so much that my pattern(s) are helping you make the chart connection. I’ve considered doing a blog or video (scary! haha) to help or promote charts and how to use them, but have always felt I’m not so much of a teacher and thought others would do it better. I’ll keep in mind what you said, though. And maybe I could do a blog post about working through one of my own patterns with the chart. I am very busy at the moment designing a new shawl collection. Time is always the issue!! 🙂

      5. Cheryl,

        I just thought of this! I would absolutely love to see your Orisons shawl in action on your friend’s wedding day! If you are on Instagram, find me @sarakayhartmann. 😀

  2. This page is wonderful and so generous and thoughtful of you Sara! Thank you so much! I really love all the patterns in this book and I’m working on Skylark.

    I think there’s an error in row 7 as it doesn’t quite match the diagram ( thank you for these BTW – your diagrams are the best! so clear and easy to read). At the marker we actually sk one dc and place 5 dc in the next two dc, sk one dc and continue from *. The written step does not acknowledge the skipped dc’s.

    (Also in row 6 the sc count is 10 not 12)

    I’m making this as my summer shawl in Red Heart It’s a Wrap cotton – beautiful!! Thank you!

    1. Thank you, Jill! I’m so glad you found it helpful and are enjoying Poetic Crochet. <3 Thanks for the alert about Row 7; I'll look into it as soon as possible. I've been loving It's a Wrap--which colorway did you choose? Thank you for the kind words!

      1. I’m using Seaglass – a really pretty combination of greens, aqua, and blue.

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