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Poetic Crochet by Sara Kay Hartmann

The shawls of Poetic Crochet

Poetic Crochet Errata & Pattern Corrections

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Praise for Poetic Crochet

Amazon Reviewers say…

“This is my go to book for crochet shawls. There are patterns for every level and type. So far I have made 8 of the 20 and I fully plan on making all of them!”

“So so many beautiful patterns…accurate patterns that are easy to follow. Easily substituted yarn. I’ve made at least 3 projects so far and they are all gorgeous. This has become my favorite go to pattern book for any kind of shawl or wrap! Charts for every stitch pattern too!”

“Absolutely love it. Beautiful to look at, to me it’s like a collectors item. “

“Fabulous book – I’m already midway into my first shawl. I love the fact that there are both written descriptions and charts. I already have yarn for two more shawls. I’ve been crocheting over 50 years, collecting books for most of that time, and this is one of my favorites. It explains blocking well and care of the shawl. The yarns range from lace weight to worsted weight and the hooks are not the fine steel hooks but rather the larger hooks – much kinder to older hands. The styles are great and the shapes vary widely. I highly recommend this book.”

Interweave Reviewers say…

“Every shawl is elegant. Patterns are well written with detailed explanations. The photos are exquisite. Highly recommend this book. The only problem I have is which shawl to make first!”

“What a delicious book, full of wonderfully designed shawls. It’s like being a kid in a candy shop! If you love to crochet and love shawls, you will never, ever regret buying this eBook. Some absolutely lovely creations!”

Crochet Book Reviewers say…

“Sara Hartmann has found a way to use classic and simple crochet stitches to almost magically explore construction technique and shawl shapes to create beautiful drape and simple sophistication. She has used a great selection of yarns in her designs, some from traditional big box manufacturers and many from independent spinners and dyers. Paired with her great design ideas, she achieves some astonishing results from simple everyday stitches.” –Crochet Queen

“From the cover to the end of the book, I was impressed with the stunning photography which is beautiful and fitting for the ‘poetic’ inspiration of this work. The photography is also very detailed and instructive. The close up shots of the designs not only show you the pattern of the stitch work, but also gives you an almost three dimensional feel for the yarn being used. I can feel the crocheted fabric in my mind as I flip through page after page.” –Bonnie Bay Crochet